Personal brand development and publicity combined with networking is a powerful tool to compete in today’s global marketplace. I have been a practicing evangelist for years, but sadly most people only start to believe (read= panic) when they are in crisis and need to find a new opportunity. Even more sad is that they forget the importance of personal brand and networking once they move on from that crisis. Most don’t learn the value of networking and will ultimately find themselves in this situation many times.

I must thank my good friend Kathy, who has more than encouraged me to continue my mission. Thanks to her I have overcome my public speaking anxiety and have a champion who graciously shares my name and mission to many people she meets. Each semester, she invites me as a guest lecturer to her MBA and undergraduate class to review my own lessons learned, new tools & techniques out there and why personal brand matters.

I started Network Ties when I found myself part of a very sudden lay-off trying to help others get through the same crisis. Kathy has allowed me to continue to give back and in doing so, receive so much personal growth and new relationships.

Thank you my dear friend ~d

Checking off the blog box to re-ignite some stale blogs…step 1, post something new. Done.

’twas a time when you had to think of yourself as a keyword, searchable and unique enough for Google.

Now it’s all about tagging and folksonomy. I wonder when we’ll all get back to just simply picking up the phone to say hello, putting pen to paper to write hello or visiting with people to exchange hello’s.

Welcome to Julden Group’s branded blend.

Life is not one dimensional, so why should your marketing be?TM

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