Here are 2 new terms that I find amusing and interesting. Do you?

1) Recessionista– the fantabulous (another term i giggle to) female who finds a way to still look “fabulous” on a shoestring budget. This makes me recall my college days in NYC where I found great, classic closet pieces for flea market prices. My favorite treasure is this 1940’s red satin cape jacket that I bring out each February and December. Not exactly sure how it still fits, but I always feel special in it remembering how I paid $8.50 for it!!!

2) Power Donut– the cousin of Chrome Dome, this is the new term to describe the timeless sure thing of male patterned baldness where only the ear to ear ring is left in tact. Much like my dad, this term describes the power that comes with the “character” and wisdom that typically is granted with age. The article suggests that Bic-loving, shave-it-all off men have become a dime a dozen and passĂ©. Not sure about that but it did give props to those that haven’t yet committed to the daily extended shave, for which I personally believe takes an amazing amount of courage. Think about it- would you willingly take a blade to skin that’s outside your field of vision (back of head)? Ouch, I can’t imagine!