What’s the most powerful marketing tool you have?

– An Ivy League degree?

– A great corporate brand behind you?

– A  large budget, great agency partners and loyal consumers?

No- the answer is YOU. You are the most powerful marketing tool you have. Once you understand and embrace that, you can fine tune your personal brand, develop your personal publicity kit and with both in hand, begin or leverage the network of connections you have created and nutured.

Now more than ever in this global workplace, you need a personal brand to give you the competitive edge. Deliver on that personal brand promise with every interaction or communication you have. Define your own personal publicity plan to launch or catapult your personal brand.  Build and nuture a strong network of connections that will become your personal brand champions.

Let us show you how and why your personal brand matters. Please visit our site at www.networkties.com for more information and resources.