“3rd Screen”. Just the mention of it gives most heartburn envisioning a Minority Report society gone haywire.

However, if your brand has established a loyal consumer base, has authentic content and application, and has been successful at CRM tools and opt-in rates, you may be a perfect candidate to embrace mobile marketing.

Ask yourself~

  • How many times have I changed my email address in the last 24 months?
  • How many times have I forgetten which email address and password I registered for that “awesome program”?
  • How many times did I wish I could or would have forwarded that email to my mobile phone with that special offer before shuting down the laptop?

The realities are that most people change their email address before they are willing to change their mobile phone numbers, due to job changes, SPAM annoyance and ISP changes. Most people are not plugged into a computer 24/7. Most are also inundated with some much email with moderately relevant content it gets deleted before read.

These challenges are opportunities for a mobile marketing solution! Consider allocating part of your marketing budget and channels of distribution plan to include wireless. Many companies already have-call us to see how wireless fits into your mix.