Overheard the other day- ” Marketers are a dime a dozen”.

Perhaps, but we subscribe to the theory that the delta between the dime (10) and the dozen (12) is actually 2 and therefore great marketers are a rare breed. The successful marketers we know all have one thing in common: they are resourceful and well networked. They have learned the value of a personal network and have developed their own brand champions within their inner circle or sphere of influence.

These marketers see the bigger picture and find those partners who will make their ideas come to light. “Out of the box” is now better termed “Networking for Success”. And that’s why we love what we do.

Here are our Networking Rules to live by: PLANS

1) PROTECT -just like your family; be honest and guard against ill will done to them

2) LEVERAGE -ask for guidance, recommendations and support to make things happen

3) ALLEGIANCE -pinkie swears and IOU’s apply here

4) NURTURE -share your knowledge, insight and most importantly, your time

5) SUPPORT – everyone appreciates a pat on the back, especially during the rough times